We offer riding lessons in: Saddleseat, Western, Huntseat, Halter, Showhack. 
All ages from beginner to advanced adult

The lesson programs are individually designed per each rider’s expectations, goals and dreams. Whether riding for pleasure or training for competition, you will be provided with safe, fun, confidence-building instruction

No experience necessary

Lesson Prices Starting at $25.00

  • Failure to cancel or be on time for your lesson may result in a forfeiture of your lesson fee

  • ASTEM certified riding helmets are required

  • Jeans and hard-soled boots are fine for the first few lessons. As the student progresses they will be expected to wear proper attire

  • No Lessons if a heat index of 100 degrees or heat advisory

  • No Lessons if temperature is below 15 degrees

  • Please call if you’re not sure if there will be lessons due to the weather

No lessons in the month of January & February 



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